We are a park advocacy group for Gladstone Park.  We work with the Chicago Park District to provide needed supplies, programs and events for the Gladstone Park.  

We have partnered with Friends of the Park for fiscal sponsorship and through them are a 501(c)(3) Charity.  

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About Us

Formed in 2018

This all started with talking to the Park Supervisor. "What do you want." 

She said, "I need a PAC." 

Just you wait....!

Already we have done so much.  We have hosted our first Fall Fest, acquired funding for a cross walk and butterfly garden.  We are planning bigger and better things every month. 

Close the deal

We need you though. We are a group of community volunteers.  Team work, makes the dream work. 

On the To Do List


Butterfly Garden

We are in the process of building our butterfly garden.  Through the 45th Ward Participatory Budget we have been allocated $15,000 for a community garden.  Along with the butterfly garden we also plan to make a few planters, to replace old ones, and create two new edible gardens. 

Help us grow it!

Mid-Block Crosswalk

We have been able to petition the Chicago Department of Transportation to install a mid-block crosswalk located at 5421 N. Menard.  This crosswalk will ensure that children, adults, elderly and all park participates will be able to cross safely. 

It will be ADA accessible as well.  

Lending Libraries

One of our members is extremely passionate about lending libraries, and rightfully so.  We have already received one from Jefferson Park Forward and Eoin Murphy.  Eoin has been working on providing libraries to all the parks and schools in the area, as part of his Eagle Scout Project. Thank you, Eoin.  

Food Drive

Our own teen committee hosted our first food drive, bringing in more than 1000 lbs of food to the St. Cornelius Food Pantry.  Way to Go, Isabella!

There are a ton of things to do and we can't do it with out you. Sign Up Today!

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Who's Who


Bob Simpson


Sarah Aguirre


Vicki Aviles


Renata Leonard

Park Supervisor

Sammy Jayne

Area Manager

Deb Maddox